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Weekend and Shabbat at Kikar Hotel

Short getaway in Netanya, right by the beach

Welcome you to Kikar Hotel, the ultimate weekend getaway with comfort and facilities for Shabbat observance, just like at home. Weekend in Israel is well-known for its charm and one-of-a-kind energy, and without a doubt, Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, is among its highlights. Shabbat is a truly unique experience for all travelers in Israel, Jewish- whether they observe Shabbat or not, and non-Jewish as well.
Most of the Hotels in Israel are suitable for travelers who keep or observe Shabbat. But, booking the right hotel that matches your needs and beliefs is the best way to ensure the unforgettable weekend you are after- therefore, Kikar Hotel has a little something for everyone:
Our hotel is peaceful and family-friendly, and our location is ultimate- the beautiful beach of Netanya is only 50 meters away! Many synagogues are within walking distance of our hotel as well. We aim to provide the ideal weekend in Netanya, matching your beliefs and needs as one.

Our Location

Right in the heart of the city, by the beach, where you can easily access everything you need by walking- that’s where we are! Kosher restaurants with delicious food for before and after Shabbat, welcoming synagogues and communities, and so much more- all here for you to enjoy and explore! Netanya is centrally located, with public transport and access to Ben-Gurion Airport and all major cities and attractions in Israel.

Why to choose Kikar?

Kikar Hotel Amenities Especially for Shabbat

Enjoy our fully furnished and equipped rooms and suites. Our rooms, as well as the entire hotel, are impeccably clean and designed to make you feel at home away from home, during Shabbat and at all times.
Kikar Hotel on Shabbat. Our reception team is available to assist and provide helpful information, while observing Shabbat in Kikar Hotel feels natural and comfortable: you are welcome to use our elevators for Shabbat and non-electric keys for your convenience.

Contact Us / Book Now

We will be glad to provide you with additional information regarding our rooms, suites, services, and facilities- so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. For more information or reservations, you can write us an e-mail, fill the contact form below, or reach us by phone. We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your weekend and Shabbat with us is everything you hoped for.

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